Our team have worked with some well-known and reputable companies. They understand your requirements and provide ideas and solutions to better your business. Our developers have acquired experience in several types of industries.



Our developers have possessed experience working for a major company Next which is a multinational clothing, footwear, and household products, retailer. Our developers made on their stocking system and HR system which is both web-based.



We have developers who have worked for an international company called Crystal Martin International Ltd, who manages Marks and Spencers warehouse. We were involved in their warehouse management software designed to support planning, organizing, picking, scanning stock information.



Our developers have been involved in some government projects and worked for the NHS and Leicester City Council. We were involved in upgrading their current system to have the responsiveness features so they can use the software on mobiles and tablets.

Software House

Software House

Our Developers have worked for much different software house such as FirstStep Nursery Management, SmartAsseser specialized in e-learning software, Steer73 Digital Agency. We experience working with many clients through these companies.



Working for UPN and Pallex who are well known for distribution of pallets in the UK. Developing software for their internal customer for keeping tracks on their orders and support their daily process.



We have developers who have worked for education sector a public university based in Leicester De Montfort University. Involved in gathering requirements for new software working with other developers and testing the software.